Ilford Films

Over the years I’ve used most black and white films from most manufactures, the truth is though, I always come back to Ilford. These days with tales that Fuji Acros, Kentmere, Rollei, and the new Agfa APX, might all well be Ilford, it’s not difficult!

I think if I could only use one black and white stock, for the rest of my life, it would be Ilford FP4 Plus. No matter what developer, temperature, situation or challenge I throw at it, I always seem to get good, consistent results!

I’ve now used all of the Ilford film range, with the exception of SFX 200, and I have a roll of that ready use – I just can’t decide whether to pay out for an IR filter for maybe, just one roll! Below are some links to some of the results I got, under practical use, completely non- scientifically!

6 thoughts on “Ilford Films

    1. Hello! The last roll of HP5 I tried made me re-think my thoughts about it. I have brought another 3 to use, just before the price went up – one of which I plan to push to 800 to see what I get! all the best – Andy


    1. Hi! I never liked HP5 much, but I guess my tastes have changed and I thought the last roll I shot was OK, so I brought another 3 before the price went up – so I’ll see what I get with those over the winter. Thanks for the typo alert – now corrected! Cheers and best wishes Andy


    1. Hello Peggy! Yes I’ve read that a red works well, and I have one of those, so I think that’s what I’ll go with in the end. I’m just curious to see what “proper” infrared I can get lol – all the best Andy


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