California 1990 (Pt2)

Ticket in hand, I found myself at the Greyhound bus terminal in San Francisco as one does! I’m told it’s moved these days, but back in 1990 it was a bit run down it has to be said! The décor wasn’t my problem though. Apparently the bus drivers were out on strike and the wholeContinue reading “California 1990 (Pt2)”


This year marks the 100th anniversary of Fomafilm, having never used it before, what better time to try a roll or two? I was interested to know a little of their history, and discovered that the company was originally founded in Prague by Evžen Schier and J. Bárta, shortly after the end of the firstContinue reading “Foma”

Ilford Ortho

I’ve never used an Ortho film before, so I had to buy one! It’s languished in my film cupboard for ages, so this was the time to try it. I planned a trip to Stourhead Gardens, a National Trust property, not too far away. Loaded up the film in the Canon EOS 30, removed myContinue reading “Ilford Ortho”

California 1990

New decade new direction, and so it was in 1990 that I set foot in the USA for the first time! I flew from London to Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, got off the plane, bundled into a mini bus with British folk singer Roger Whittaker, “Oh Hello” says me somewhat dazed. “Hello! Nice to meetContinue reading “California 1990”

Some Black and White

As I write this, it’s a wet dull afternoon, so I’ve just gone through a hard drive with some scans of black and white images taken over the last couple of years. I thought I’d share a few with you. Your comments are welcome! (Good or bad!!)

Canon EOS 30 (not D)

It is surprising that I haven’t written about the Canon EOS 30 before, mainly as it is almost certainly the film camera that I use most often. Same goes for the 40mm pictured on it. The camera was released by Canon in 2000, so was towards the end of the film EOS line. It wasContinue reading “Canon EOS 30 (not D)”


Not so long ago we made a trip to Stonehenge, it’s about an hours drive from home. By the time we got there the weather had deteriorated, but I still made a few exposures. Most of the images were the “same old thing” and I wasn’t feeling at my most creative, but I think thisContinue reading “Stonehenge”


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