A Short Break !

I’ve managed to post every other day since I started this blog. The last few post’s you’ve been reading have been scheduled. I had hoped to do another two, that would have covered a holiday (I’m currently on!). Unfortunately WordPress is not co-operating and letting me up-load any images! A bit of an issue forContinue reading “A Short Break !”

Ilford Films

Over the years I’ve used most black and white films from most manufactures, the truth is though, I always come back to Ilford. These days with tales that Fuji Acros, Kentmere, Rollei, and the new Agfa APX, might all well be Ilford, it’s not difficult! I think if I could only use one black andContinue reading “Ilford Films”

Salisbury Cathedral

Some of you will know that I have been, on and off, working on a little photographic project of visiting and photographing all 42 of the British Anglican cathedrals. I’m no where near done – it will take years! I’m making the photo’s on Ilford XP2, 35mm. This time it is my “local”, Salisbury. MyContinue reading “Salisbury Cathedral”

Mellow Yellow

Almost a wordless post today, some film images made within the last three of four years with nothing in common except their colour!

Long live the King!

I would not call myself a Royalist, and whilst I am sorry that the queen has passed away, I also acknowledge a life well lived, and dedicated to the people of Britain and the Commonwealth. When I was younger I was to a degree, anti monarchy, these days I seem to have mellowed to theContinue reading “Long live the King!”

Launceston Castle

A few days ago I wrote about Rievaulx Abbey, an English Heritage property up in Yorkshire. Almost at the other end of the country stands another property looked after by “EH”, Launceston Castle. What stands today is mostly the central keep and is mainly 13th century, although the castle was originally started not long afterContinue reading “Launceston Castle”

Paignton Zoo

A 50mm lens is not the best option to take to a zoo, but when it’s all you have with you, it’s better than nothing! I remember visiting here once before as a child with my 126 camera. The results were less than spectacular! I remember making a transparency of the entrance, even that wasContinue reading “Paignton Zoo”

Rievaulx Abbey

While on my first “proper” visit to Yorkshire I made a visit to Rievaulx Abbey. It was one of the first Cistercian Abbey’s to be founded in England, and the first in the North of England, sometime around 1130. Like most, Rievaulx was “dissolved” (or “suppressed” seems to be the “new” word in use), historyContinue reading “Rievaulx Abbey”


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