Norway 1993

Continuing on from my post last week, Belgium in B/W, I arrived in Norway. I’d had such a great time, last time I was here that I was eager to return and this time I did with a 16mm Krasnagorsk camera, 8x 100ft loads of film, as well as my little Samsung Compact 35mm camera.Continue reading “Norway 1993”

Pub Signs on 120

I recently came across an envelope that I had forgotten I even owned! Inside was a bunch of 120 negatives, along with some 127 negatives. All of them are black and white, and at a guess I would date them to the late 50’s and 60’s. They were in a box of old photo paraphernalia,Continue reading “Pub Signs on 120”

Wolf Moon

I do very little digital photography these days, a lot less than I should considering what I’ve spent on digital equipment over the years! Tonight however the view of the moon on the drive home was spectacular, so I dug out my Fuji X-Pro2, fitted on the 200mm, which due to the size of theContinue reading “Wolf Moon”

The Lizard Point

The Lizard Point is the most southerly point in Great Britain. I made a visit there while on holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago – pre-covid. I took my trusty Pentax ME Super that had just been serviced. I’ve made a few posts recently with material from this trip. I visited the onceContinue reading “The Lizard Point”

The end of the pier!

A while back I had to go to the dentist in Weymouth, that’s a whole drama by itself, but to calm down afterwards, I took a walk along the harbour and out to the end of the pier. I had 4 exposures left on a roll of FP4…

Pilford Heath

A couple of years ago I went to the Pilford Heath Transport and Heritage Group Show. They are a non- profit organisation with a passion for all transport and heritage, mostly steam. Here is Dorset we hold the “Great Dorset Steam Fair” (also known by locals as “Stourpaine” as that’s actually the closest village) I’veContinue reading “Pilford Heath”


Being me, I’ve found possibly the worst possible photographic technique suitable, for the application in hand – namely panoramic images in a post on a blog. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a true skill that’s taken years to develop! The panoramic above was exposed back in 1993, I think. I stopped off very briefly inContinue reading “Panoramic”

Kimmeridge Bay

Time for a little black and white! As part of the Jurassic Coast – this is part of a world heritage site and is part of the Smedmore Estate in Dorset. It is within a marine Special Area of Conservation. The shallow bay has hundreds of rock pools for kids to safely explore. It’s alsoContinue reading “Kimmeridge Bay”


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