Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Some of you will know that I have been, on and off, working on a little photographic project of visiting and photographing all 42 of the British Anglican cathedrals. I’m no where near done – it will take years! I’m making the photo’s on Ilford XP2, 35mm.

This time it is my “local”, Salisbury. My home town and the church I used to go to as a child and into my teens is in it’s dioceses. Salisbury’s claim to fame is that it’s spire became the tallest in the UK in 1561, and still is, at 404 feet.

The Medieval Clock

Another claim, is that it is believed the clock above is the oldest (working) “modern” mechanical clock, (called a Verge and Foliot or turret clock ) in the world. It dates from around 1386.

I have said before that while the stone that makes the building stands for millennia, what goes on inside changes, and on this visit there was an art exhibition running. So for a change, in this post I’ll share some photo’s of art!

4 thoughts on “Salisbury Cathedral

  1. Brilliant set of photos. You’ve captured the beauty of the cathedral excellently. I particularly the framing of the cathedral with the tree branches filling the sky. The image of the cloisters is also great, cloisters are a difficult subject to get right in my opinion and you’ve really shot these well.

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  2. These are very impressive pictures! I loved XP2, it is like nothing else for capturing images with a big contrast range – but ironically it was the much advertised advantage of being able to get it processed at any high street lab that stopped me using it. There aren’t any left! I much prefer developing at home, actually quicker, easier and much cheaper than sending the film away to a lab. How do you cope with it?

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    1. Hello and thanks for following! I’ve been using XP-2 for ages. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite film, but I do enjoy using it for sure. It is possible to process it in standard black and white chemistry. My usual Ilfosol3 1+9 21 mins is suggested while DDX at 1+4 cuts this to 12 mins, both suggested by digital truth dev chart. Can’t say I can recommend that as I’ve never tried it! I usually send my C41 film to AG Film lab here in the UK – I find them both good value, and efficient – Just posted them 8 rolls Monday night, they were delivered back Friday! Thanks for you kind comments on my photo’s – I hope you enjoy more in the future! All best wishes Andy


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