Back from another trip!

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Yesterday I returned from a “trip up north” – I stayed on the Wirral, about 10 miles from Liverpool, near the small town of Neston. First of all, of all the holiday lets I’ve booked over the years, this was the best, and the one I enjoyed the most. Often there are a couple of things I like, and a couple of things that “if I owned this….” I’d change this or that. This place was perfect for me, I’d happily live there!!

Second, the area is not an obvious tourist area, and I had my doubts. Liverpool just recently has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. After about 15 minutes of wandering the city I realised that I was relaxed and enjoying it, and that all my preconceptions had seemingly vanished. In the end, places I’d looked at on the map and considered best avoided, were fine. Without exception everyone I spoke to on this trip were friendly and helpful, that “welcoming nature” I’ve heard about, I’ve now experienced, and it’s left me wanting for more – in my humble opinion many parts of the UK could learn from a visit to Liverpool! (I hope they host the Eurovision!)

*(up date on 16-10-22 – Liverpool are indeed going to host the Eurovision!)

Finally, photographically, I had fun. I took my Nikon F3, with 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 180mm lenses, it’s the first time I’ve spent quality time with it, and used it daily. The F3 and the 35mm f2 might just become my go to set. I also took my Pentax ME Super with 50 and 28mm lenses. The idea was to use colour in this, and black and white in the F3. That happened mostly, but there was a bit of mix and matching going on! In the end I used 24 rolls of 35mm, the colour is ready to drop in the post tomorrow, and at some point I need to have a mammoth developing session for black and white!

I had an issue with the last post I made before going away, trying to schedule some. The “problem” is now fixed. I had assumed that WordPress formatted and “squashed” a post when it published. You long time bloggers will know what’s coming! In fact all that’s happened is that I’ve hit my storage limit. If I’d realised this was happening I could have easily posted smaller files! However, I know this going forward, so as time permit’s I’ll delete some early, basic posts. I’ll also edit a few posts, simply to make the image files smaller and free up some space!

With 24 films to process – I’ll have lots to post!

3 thoughts on “Back from another trip!

    1. Hi – yes no doubt! We live in a world of choice!! 🙂 That said 5 or 6 of the rolls were my bulk loaded FP4 movie film from ebay, which I reckon work out about .75p a roll, and another two were slightly out of date Kodak Colour plus! So it might not be quite the cost you image! All best wishes Andy


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