West Bay on Delta 400

West Bay looking toward Burton Bradstock

When the Great Western Railway extended the line from Bridport town to Bridport Harbour in 1884, they decided to re-name it West Bay. This was mainly to encourage tourism to the area. It is the harbour on the mouth of the River Brit, so could have been called Britmouth too I guess, in fact there was an area known as Bridport Mouth back in the 1300’s, and a few years back a very popular BBC drama filmed 2 series of “Broadchurch” there, so it’s a place of many names! The esplanade there dates from 1887 and is also a good place to park – there are always places out of the summer season.

Under the cliffs at West Bay

I had a few frames of Ilford Delta 400 left in the camera so I made a few more exposures. It’s a place I’ve been often, so don’t need any more photographs of the area, but the light is always different, at least that’s my excuse!

Out of the water

Ironic to see a huge pile of nylon netting for fishing as the area was once famous for it’s net making, from hemp. Apparently not too long ago there was still a factory in Bridport making nets from hemp, I understand that it “gives” more and is favoured in some applications for that property. Sounds more environmentally friendly these days too!

Boat Rack
Anyone for Fish and Chips?
The inner harbour

This century it has taken £18 million, to restructure and rebuilt the two piers that protect the inner harbour and allow the boats to come and go more often due to a change in angle of the opening. It is also a good pace to ” crab with a line!”

Crabbing by line on the “new” pier.

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