Wells Cathedral in XP2

Wells Cathedral Fuji Across 100 (Original) Rolleicord Va

For a few years now I’ve been shooting a roll of Ilford XP2 whenever I visit a Cathedral. My recent holiday to Somerset provided an excuse to re-visit Wells, not that I needed one. This time armed with my Nikon F3 and of course a roll of XP2. I made a similar visit to Exeter that I wrote a post about here.

Down the nave

Wells Cathedral was started about 1175, and is dedicated to St Andrew. It was consecrated on October 23rd 1239. Above and below are it’s perhaps most striking feature. St Andrews Cross Arches. Although they might look like a newer addition they date back to 1338, and were both an elegant and practical design, to support the added weight of the tower that was extended in 1322.

St Andrew’s Cross Arches and the altar

The astronomical clock dates from around 1325, it’s mechanism was replaced in the 19th century, the original is now housed in the Science Museum, where it still operates! This is believed to be the second oldest clock in the UK after that in Salisbury Cathedral!

Wells’ Astronomical Clock

Unlike many of the UK’s cathedrals, Wells has attached to it, many of the associated buildings. The Bishops Palace is just across the road, and I’ll make a post about that sometime in the future – it has lovely gardens. The Vicars Close believed to be the oldest purely residential street with original buildings, in Europe, which along with the chapter house is accessed via the wonder stone steps below.

Steps to the Chapter House and Door to Vicars Close
Chapter House Ceiling
Ceiling of the Lady Chapel
The Arches of the Retro Choir
The Choir

Whilst the building is hundreds of years old, some of the art inside changes, whilst stone carvings remain immoveable!

Looking back up the nave it’s easy to see the symmetry of the building and how this blends into the furnishings. I do enjoy a wander around a Cathedral, there are still many on my list to visit as the opportunity presents it’s self! I will of course have another roll of XP2 to hand!

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