A Day out with PAN-F Plus

Following on from my last post, last weekend saw the “Pilford Heath Transport and Heritage Show”. I took two rolls of Pan-F Plus in 120, kindly sent to me by Ilford and a roll in 35mm that I had brought a couple months back. The 120 I used in my Rolleicord Va while the 35mm was in my EOS 30, with a 40mm lens.

The detail that this film can resolve is nothing short of amazing! The image above is scanned at 1200dpi, not that high for film, I cropped in to the right hand buckle on the left bag…

I can see the texture of the bag, from about 6 feet away! On a camera from the 50’s, scanned at only 1200dpi! That’s how good this film is! I’ve read that PAN-F Plus is particular with regards to accurate exposure, and I did use my meter, but only as I normally would, while the 35mm exposure was down to Canon. Both look a good set of negs to my eye. My error, and I think it was an error, was to use a light yellow filter on both. While I wanted a “bit in the sky” it also adds a little contrast. This film has enough by it’s self. Especially on this hot sunny day. Under similar conditions, next time I’ll just use a UV.

..and now for some 35mm

I really enjoyed wandering about, looking for photo’s. I must make more time to be out and about with the camera. These days, with all the bad news in the world, I find it good to switch off and concentrate on something more rewarding… making photographs.

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