Ilford 3200

Ilford 3200

I’ve already posted the fact that by choice I lean towards slower fine grain films. Despite that, as a fan of Ilford Delta 100 and 400, it was only going to be a matter of time before I tried their 3200 offering. I made a recent visit to Dorchester Museum, now re-branded as the Dorset Museum, after being closed for 2 years for a remodel and re-display. I have to say that the improvement is massive! But this is not a post about the museum but the film.

copyright Harman Technology

The extract from the data sheet above explains that in reality it is a 1000asa film, I decided that I would expose it as this, but upon reading further Ilford especially recommend exposing it between 1600 and 6400asa, and give no recommended processing times for 1000. So I opted to go for 1600 and follow their times. As a side note, Kodak’s offering is called 3200P, the P standing for “push” processing. I wonder how many commercial labs allow for the fact that it needs to be “pushed” two stops as standard??

The Main Stairway

I developed the film in Ilford Ilfosol 1+9 at 20 degrees for 10 mins as per the Ilford suggestion. I reckon the negs are generally about 2 stops under! The images posted here have been “shopped” to make them presentable, by which I mean, noise reduction, levels, and the odd bit of spotting.

Skeleton ‘1

To be fair, I suppose it does allow for film photography under such lighting at all, but I’m tempted to say my next visit will be with digital! That said I am curious how HP5 might perform at 1600, pushed two stops? As a local I went for the “year long” pass, so I can pop back at any time, I’m glad I did. Watch this space!

Skeletons ‘2

The scans are full of grain, in my eyes, too much, and my eye goes to that, before the content. I know some people love this stuff and use it as their “go to” film. Good luck to them. I can’t say I’ll be in a hurry to use it again, but as usual with such trials it’s useful experience, if I do, I will expose it at 1000asa but develop it as if it were 3200.

Roman Coin Hoard
The Town Stocks
William Barnes’ Shoes
The Geologic Layers of Dorset, including the PLASTIC layer!

2 thoughts on “Ilford 3200

  1. I’ve shot HP5+ at 1600asa and much preferred the result to those I’ve had from Delta 3200 / P3200. There is still increased grain, but it is a far more attractive look – smoother as opposed to gritty. I’ve developed myself using Ilfotec DD-X, and also had lab development with Xtol, both of which gave nice results.

    The only downside to pushing to 1600 and developing myself is the increased development time, although IIRC it’s not too bad for a two-stop push. Pushing to 3200 (which I’ve only done with 120 HP5+) takes the best part of 20 minutes for the developer.


    1. Hi, it’s a little test I’m going to have to try at some point. I had a feeling that HP5 at 1600, might prove more to my taste than 3200 at 1600 – we’ll see!! Cheers and have a good weekend! Andy

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