Hasselblad Future

Hasselblad 501cm with the sun roof open

A while ago I wrote a post called “Hasselblad Past” that spoke of the Hasselblad 500cm that I used to own. After making a new years resolution with myself that I’d try not to buy any more cameras this year – well, you can guess what’s coming…

The Hasselblad 503cm with the CFE 80mm Carl Zeiss lens, was produced between 1997 and 2005. It’s just like the “Hassie” I remember, without the bit’s I wasn’t so keen on. I like the design of the CFE more. The focus ring is easier as is the shutter speed dial. When one removes the dark slide, there is now a slot to retain it, on the rear of the magazine. It’s got a new mirror mechanism and it has a brighter image. To top it all, I can’t quite make out if it’s got a standard eye magnifier that happens to be positive, or if it’s a +1 or +2 dioptre – either way – I can see through it to focus without glasses!!

Winder Side

The winder seems a bit more substantial than my previous model.

Apart from the fact that I regret selling on my last example – I’ve always liked these cameras. This one I managed to buy at a VERY good price. It’s true that I can’t justify another camera, and I intend to have a little bit of a clear out. There are only so many cameras one can use, and they like to be kept ticking over at that. All that remains now is for me to get out there and use it! – Watch this space!

History from Hasselblad

2 thoughts on “Hasselblad Future

    1. Hi Mike. About the only thing that springs to mind coming from the 60’s is Super 8 and the first Canon SLR’s neither in 1966 – apart from that it seems to have been not a very inventive time! Cheers and best wishes – Andy


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