Colour at Stourhead Gardens

Stourhead Gardens: From the Entrance May2022

Time for a little colour! Back in May I visited Stourhead Gardens with my Nikon F3 loaded up with a roll of Kodak Colour Plus. On the front was the 50mm f1.4, that’s all I took – travelling light.

It was a glorious day, so the 200asa speed was plenty. There was fluffy white cloud too, that always makes for more interesting skies. It also caused a wait of 5 minutes here and there for the sun to come out! No hardship here.

It was the sort of day when it’s possible to relax, switch off, recharge the batteries. Enjoy what one finds pleasure in. In my case, nature, flowers, fresh air, quiet, photography, and if you’ve read this blog much, you’ll guess I ended up in the coffee shop! As I get older I appreciate these times more, which goes hand in hand with a growing ability of being able to switch off more from “stuff” that doesn’t actually matter so much.

In a time when there is so much going in the world and in the news, for me, the odd day out like this, with my camera is good for my mental health.

I should do it more often! Perhaps we all should?

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