Exercising the XA2

My XA2 with A11 Flash

A while back I wrote about my mini Olympus collection of compacts. I’ve put a roll through all of them now. The test roll I put through the XA2 was very out of date, and although I was pleased with the sharpness, and lack of light leak, the results were average. I thought it deserved a better test, so I loaded up a second test roll, this time Fuji C200, dated 2006 – positively fresh compared with the last roll! I should point out that I’ve never purchased out of date colour negative film, I Just keep being given it! Not that I’m complaining. I noticed that this roll was manufactured in the Netherlands (Tilburg) and as such must have been some of the last to come out of that factory before it closed it’s doors that same year. Apparently at it’s peak nearly 1000 workers manufactured 200 million rolls a year!! I wonder where the 200 million little plastic pots are now? There’s a sobering thought. 120 film comes in a foil wrap, then boxed – that’s fine – why does the same film (ish), that’s already encased in a metal cassette need an extra plastic pot – I don’t get it. Apparently what’s left of the Fuji film range is set to increase in price by 60% (this was to have come into effect April 2022 so a little late) but for my US friends good news – apparently it’s “only” increasing there by 25%. It’s getting to the point where it will be worth flying to New York to visit B&H (again) and stock up!

Anyway – after yet another long digression, I had a lunchtime wander around the park in Dorchester and made a few snaps – nothing special, but I’m pleased with the results enough that I shall keep the camera and load it up with some black and white next to just carry it around with me.

Love that tree!
May blossom
Once a Mill on the left, now housing, once a pub on the right, now youth support, bridge still a bridge!
Fountain in the park – Dorchester
Fountain in the park – Dorchester 2
Clock in the Park

4 thoughts on “Exercising the XA2

    1. Hello Mike. Thanks for your kind comment. I agree that the prices of everything connected with film photography these days seem to be rocketing. That said, I’m keeping positive, trying to shoot better, and despite my recent purchase, which we’ll gloss over – using what I have rather than worry about what I don’t have! If I come across another XA2 for silly money… I’ll pick it up! I still enjoy film and although I have digital there is a pleasure and a “craft” dare I say “art” to using film that I enjoy – it’s going to remain my main hobby!! Cheers and very best wishes to you – Andy


    1. Bonjour et merci! Je peux obtenir un film couleur ok ici, le prix augmente à chaque fois que je regarde ! J’ai une petite réserve qui va me tenir en haleine un moment ! Meilleurs voeux Andy (Google translation)

      Hello, and thank you! I can get colour film ok here, it just goes up in price every time I look! I have a little stash that will keep me going for a while! Best wishes Andy

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