Hasselblad Past

Hasselblad 500CM

Once upon a time I owned a Hasselblad! I had fancied one for ages, and eventually I could afford one, just. I guess they were at rock bottom prices in the early 90’s. I caught an advert in the classified adds in Amateur Photographer, phoned up, discovered that it was only about 25 miles away, so drove over and brought it!

It was an identical model to the one above, in black and it came with a miss-matched second back, all for £550, those were the days! I shot a few films with it, never used it as much as I though I would, so eventually sold it, probably to fund something digital that would now be worth £5. I did enjoy it at the time, got it out of my system (ish), shot some black and white, colour negative, but only ever one roll of Fuji Provia Reversal. Only a few days ago I came across some poor scans of those “trannies” so come with me on a quick tour of Dorset….

Weymouth Harbour
Portland Bill Lighthouse
Thomas Hardy’s Birth Place
West Bay Harbour
Durdle Door
Pulpit Rock
Coastline Portland, Dorset

It’s one of the few cameras that I now regret selling, although no doubt it made sense to me at the time!

5 thoughts on “Hasselblad Past

  1. Nice photos!

    You say that you regret selling the camera. Is it more about the value the camera now holds vs. how you liked it? It sounds like you didn’t use it as much as planned.

    After 2 1/2 years back in film photography, medium format is still something I haven’t fully embraced. I got a few lo-fi machines which were fun, but meh lenses and scans the same size (or slightly larger) than my 35mm images haven’t revealed the inherent betterness of “bigger negatives” to me. Not only that, but getting any medium format camera that can give you some degree of quality costs a lot, whereas I’ve gotten great shots out of 90’s point and shoots that I barely spent any money on.

    I finally bit the bullet and bought a better (but still not top-quality) and overhauled TLR from Japan. I spent more money on it than any other camera I’ve bought (minus CLA/service fees.) I’m eagerly awaiting shipment and hope that it isn’t a lemon.


    1. Hi, I regret the impulse of youth I guess. I wish that I had appreciated the quality, both build and results, more at the time, and used it more. I wish I still had one to use! The monetary side is less important, although lets be honest, not irrelevant!! I’d really like one to use now – that’s for sure… Don’t get me wrong, like you I get great enjoyment from compact cameras, TLR’s, rangefinders et al, really I just enjoy using film. I’m sure you will enjoy your TLR when it arrives!! Cheers and best wishes Andy

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    1. Hi David, My first medium format was a Bronica ETRS, purchased from Jessops, back in the day when they were into photography!! I actually put quite a bit of film through it, and took it on a few travels! Glad you liked “West Bay Harbour” – it’s my favourite of the bunch too! – All best wishes Andy

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