Out and About with the Mju!

Olympus Mju II

A couple of posts ago I wrote about my mini Olympus Collection, I’ve now put a roll of film though each, and first off was the Mju II. It’s a camera that hit the streets in 1997, towards the end of the 35mm cameras from Olympus – a year earlier the Camedia C400 had been released with a whopping 1/3 of a million pixels! No doubt such a thing is now a museum piece somewhere? Either way the writing was on the wall.

My Mju II however is for using, and with a roll of Fuji C200 I set off on a local walk.

Spring Blossom

I always enjoy seeing the blossom against a blue sky. I liked the added splash of lime green of the shutters in this composition above. Just around the corner was some white blossom at eye level, below.

White Blossom

The close focus of the Mju II is down to 35cm, there is a green focus light close to the viewfinder, if it’s stable, focus is OK, if it’s flashing – you’re too close! The lens is a 35mm f2.8, the text around the lens does not state it is a Zukio, but as it’s a 4 element in 4 groups, I guess if it were, it would be a Zukio D, same as the trip and the XA.

Poo Bin

Don’t we do funny things as humans. We pick up dog poo and encase it in plastic, then pump out own into the rivers and the sea, along with tonnes of plastic! The flash went off on this shot – I didn’t intend it too, I forgot it was automatic, but if needed it can be switched off, or switched on regardless for fill in.

Blue Bells

The blue bells are out, this is the part of the walk where I leave suburbia and head out across “Slop Bog” – not the best of names, but it’s a nice enough walk!

Off to the woods!
Pond Lilly’s

I’m amazed to see that in some places these cameras are advertised at £398! (Etsy) and many are north of £350 – as good as these are – I can’t say I’d part with that sort of money to own one. Certainly I’m glad I picked mine up for what I did!

Daisies and Dandelions
Blue Bells

2 thoughts on “Out and About with the Mju!

  1. The price of Mju II / Stylus Epic’s is ludicrous. I’ve never shot one but, by all accounts, they’re a very nice compact point and shoot camera. Not for the price they fetch now though, mostly inflated by various YouTube channels and other influences talking about how they’re the best compact camera to own. I think a Sure Shot Supreme would produce results just as good for a fraction of the price. After all, it’s not the camera that makes the photo, it’s the photographer.

    I like the lilypad picture and the shot of the logs. Both are the sort of subjects where I can struggle to make a composition work that avoids clutter, but you’ve done a really good job with them.


    1. Hello! I agree about the prices, they are more now second hand than they were new!! I would have never paid the “going” price for one, but glad that I got a bargain! I agree that just about any decent compact from the 80’s and 90’s should produce a decent image. Glad you liked the photo’s, I should have focussed, locked, and re-composed for the water lilies – next time!! Cheers Andy

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