Canon Sureshot Supreme

The Canon Sureshot Supreme/Top Shot/Autoboy 3

Not that I need yet another 1980’s compact film camera but you know me and a bargain! This one I picked up for just £5 in a charity/thrift store – complete with it’s case. it’s one of those cameras that when I was in my early teens would have loved, and I must admit am quite happy to have it now!

The Supreme as it was known in America and Britain was also known as the Top Shot in Europe, and the Autoboy-3 in Japan. It dates from 1986, and has a great 38mm f2.8 lens. 4 elements in 4 groups apparently, it certainly seems sharp, even to the edges. Everything else is auto, it’s a DX camera that sets the film speed for you, auto focus, but can be locked with the correct pressure on the shutter release and then the image recomposed. It makes a wonderful 1980’s noise, that is to say the film advance motor screeches! I did discover that it is possible to “hold” that, until it’s a little less offensive if need be. Of course I had to run one of my out-of-date colour films through it!

Baiter Quay, Poole, Dorset
Artist at Work

The image above was when I discovered that it’s possible to make the exposure, but hold down the shutter release, then a few seconds later, when more appropriate, release and let the camera screech into action!

Yellow Boat to Brownsea Island

The DX coding copes with films from 50-1600asa, I suspect it only went down to 50 to include Kodachrome 64, back in the day. The programmes shutter offers 1/8th – 500th of a second, all auto of course. Apart from the quality of the lens, it is a camera typical of it’s age really. The only thing that is un-usual, is that the 2CR5 battery is hidden in the grip, under a screwed down door. A little jewellers screw driver is need to change!

Across Poole Harbour
Poole Pilots
Deep in thought

The viewfinder seems fine, the lens seems good but what really seems to stand out are the closer shots – I’ll leave my favourite shot till last!

2 thoughts on “Canon Sureshot Supreme

  1. The Supreme is a pretty nice point and shoot. I’ve got a few Sure Shot models, including the only 35mm camera in my posession that I’ve owned since new – a Sure Shot Telemax that my parents bought us around 1990-ish. Apart from that and the Supreme, I’ve also got a Z135 that used to belong to my dad (also really nice), and a Sure Shot Ace which is pretty neat as it has a waist-level viewfinder and a remote control!

    They all make sharp photos and I like to just have them on me for impromptu pictures when I’m out and about, although they’ve been usurped by an Olympus XA3 to some extent over the last year.


    1. Hello! I have my late mothers camera, Sureshot Zoom 85 (I think), whilst I haven’t put a roll through it for years, it’s the one camera I’d keep, even if it wasn’t working! Must do a post sometime!! – Cheers and best wishes – Andy

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