Another day, another film!

Kentmere 400

The more films I try, the more I think I should just stick with Fp4 or Delta 100! I am however grateful that we have the choice of films that we do! This roll fell into my lap. In fact I helped someone sort out their camera, they asked me to dump the film. A couple of days earlier I was given a Nikon AF 200mm lens by a neighbour, “feel free to dump the lens, the auto focus is faulty, but we thought you might make use of the caps, hood and filter”! The auto focus is indeed faulty, but I don’t have an auto focus Nikon camera so I wondered if it would perform OK on manual focus? You might call this post -a load of rubbish!!

The first half of the film was fogged, multiple exposed etc, I knew that was going to be the case, the second half (my test) was fine! Harman/Ilford call this film a budget/student film – looks a damn sight better than Delta 3200 to me! I’d use it again.

The lens also worked fine on MF. In fact the optics are great! I doubt I’ll use it often, but at an air show for example it would be ideal, and fill a gap in my focal lengths!

8 thoughts on “Another day, another film!

    1. Hi Jim, I was quite pleased with it! I might get in a couple of rolls of the 100 too and try that – to be honest I couldn’t see any difference to FP4 at another couple of pounds a roll! Cheers Andy

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    1. Hi Mike, I was surprised with the quality for the price and might get the 100 to try too! I’m always sad to see price increases, but then I always think of something a wise old chap told me when I was younger and not in the mood to listen to advice (!) shoot better – not more!! 🙂 I’m still working on that 30 years later! – Cheers and best wishes, Andy


    1. Hello – I’ve not tried the Foma 400, I’m not big on the faster films generally, but I did like the Kentmere 400 however and will have a go at the 100 at some point! All best wishes – Andy


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