The Kodak SUC Pt2!

Two halves of the same camera!

Last week I shared some of the images taken with a Kodak Single Use Camera (SUC), that I’d had kicking around for a while. Having teased the film out, not a difficult task, as the film is wound back into the cassette as it’s used, so a job that really just involved prizing open either side of the camera! I decided that I would – just for the sake of it, try and use it a second time.

Moreton Tea Rooms

I have a “mega” bulk length of FP4, (you can read that story here!), so I reeled off a length and set about loading it in. I actually re-loaded a 35mm cassette, then in the dark bag reeled it on to the camera feed spool. Popping in the 35mm cassette took 2 seconds, the tricky action was letting go of the wound film on the “open” spool” to clip the camera back together without it springing out! Got it on the second attempt! Pleased with myself I taped up the camera with black tape. Wound on two or three shots, just to check the film was moving and not caught, and off I went!

Footbridge over the River Frome

At the end, I popped open the camera again and removed my cassette. The film was processed in Ilfosol 1+9 for 6 mins at 20 degrees. I’m pleased with the results and the exercise, except for the soft corners – but hey, this is a camera that cost only a couple of pounds more than the film in it! The last bit of re-use, is that it’s AA battery is now in my light meter!

Green man on a fallen tree
Pine Woods
Where Children be…
Out in the bog
Across a field

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