Olympus AF10

The Olympus AF10

There is little that is special about the Olympus AF10, it’s a straight forward point and shoot camera. It has a 35mm f3.5 lens that is nice and sharp and doesn’t seem to noticeably vignette at the corners. It is DX coded but only to 4 points, rather like zone focus in DX terms. So if one puts in any film with an ISO between 64 and 320 asa it will set to 100asa and so on, as we can see from the instruction leaflet below.

As it happened I had a roll of out of date 200 asa, that I was going to use as a test and would normally rate at 100 to over expose by a stop to allow for age. Perfect! There is also a 12 second self timer, and built in flash. This camera is auto flash with no override, if needed a little black tape patch would do the job! The “Super” version of this camera that followed did add the override facility. It’s motor driven, and uses either 1x CR123 batt or can use 2x AAA batts. So powered up and film in, off I set…

A new fence panel
Close Focus Test
“Slop Bog” Nature Reserve
A raised walkway section
Beech Trees in Spring
The Daffs are out!

All seems to be fine with the camera, focus is good as is exposure. There is no sign of any light leak, the timer works, and close focus is good too. I used to own one of these cameras back in the 80’s, it was my pocket “go to” camera of the day and it always produced decent pictures. Apart from the trip down memory lane, the camera doesn’t add much to my arsenal of equipment so I’ll most likely pass it on in due course, and can be happy that all is in good working order!

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