Hastings Seafront

Sculpture on the beach

A while back I took my trusty Pentax ME Super, loaded with what I didn’t know at the time, but would turn out to be some of the last “Poundland Special” £1 a roll Agfa Vista 200 colour print film. Hastings has a long maritime history stretching way back, in fact it was one of the original Cinque Ports (actually pronounced “sank”), a defensive group of ports that was really the early starting’s of a navy.

Beach at Hastings

Despite having a long seagoing history and busy fishing scene, there is no real harbour at Hastings. The fishing boats beach themselves up onto the shingle, not unique but quite an unusual view!

Felicity from Rye, (Just up the road!)

Behind the boat above you can see another un-usual feature of Hastings, the fisherman’s huts, some even made from boats themselves.

More huts
Obvious recycling
Old Anchor and 3 story sheds
Museum interior

There is a museum, which tells many a story of the hardships of fishermen, it’s not a job for the faint of heart that’s for sure! Just across the road is a funicular railway that would help a visitor up to the ruined castle on the hilltop – but that’s another story!

The “Hill Lift”

3 thoughts on “Hastings Seafront

  1. Lovely colours there.

    I shot my final roll of “Poundland Agfa” a couple of weeks ago, using it in my newly acquired Reto Ultrawide & Slim camera which, so it’s said, prefers short rolls to avoid too much tension on the plastic components. I wish I’d bough a lot more of it when I had the chance given the current skyrocketing price of colour film.


    1. Hello! Thanks for the compliment – sun at the seaside ought to produce something with colour I guess, I must confess I’m happy with the red and blue boat compositions colour. I actually had a box of 50 rolls of Agfa Vista in my hand and decided that I’d never need that much so put it back on the shelf – do I wish now that I’d brought it and popped it in the freezer! Oh well – it’s prompted me to try many more films. Of the recent ones I’m liking Kodak Gold 200 quite a bit so was interested to read on your blog that it’s being made available in 120 – very interesting!! Cheers and best wishes – Andy

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