Roman Dorchester

Dorchester, South Street, AD 2022, Feb. (Digital)

I made this quick, street photography like, photo the other day, and in doing so it reminded me that Dorchester has a long history including the Romans – I had a few frames to finish off a roll in my “camera for February.. ” the Nikon F3, so I made a quick tour to re-visit some locations….

The Roman Town House (complete with scaffold!)

Not only does Dorchester boast a Roman Town House, but apparently it’s the only, fully exposed example in the country. It was thought to stand at the end of row of semi-industrial dwellings, heading towards the outskirts of the town. The site was once a stone quarry and possibly later an orchard. It is believed to date from the late Roman period of occupation around 300AD. Very difficult to get a good view but there are also some in-situ mosaics.

A New Plaque!
Villa Ruins
Roman Coffins

A short distance away there stands the last remaining part of the Roman Wall, which originally enclosed the town. Most of it now gone, but there are “walks” that trace the route. There is also a water source near the centre of this once enclosure.

Roman Wall
“West Walks” following the old course of the wall
The Roman Water Source

All of the above were taken on an outdated, but fridge stored roll of Kodak ColorPlus, with my Nikon F3 and the 50mm attached. Next month (March) I think I’m going to concentrate of the Rolleicord… maybe!

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