35mm: RNLI at Poole

When I was a child the RNLI base at Poole was a medium size office block. I remember the statue above the door, a man in sou’wester looking towards the sea – it’s still there. Since my childhood the operation has expanded massively, and now joining the original headquarters building is an “all weather lifeboat centre” an “RNLI College” a “Lifeboat support centre” and many other ancillary buildings, roads and slipways. All of it with one aim, to save life at sea.

The “Memorial Sculpture” shown above, stands at an angle on a plinth about 5 foot from the ground at the lowest and rising to maybe 10 foot (at the back) reminding one of the shifting sea and it’s volume. It is by the artist Sam Holland who “intended her design to be bold and simple, incorporating the elements of courage, loss and remembrance”. I think it’s very sucessful.

Unfortunately the powers that be decided to place a bulky CCTV pylon right behind it, somewhat overpowering it, and reducing it’s power. Surly they could have found a better placement for it? I managed these three images without it! You can read more about it here if you wish. The list of names who lost their lives trying to save others is astounding.

While in the area, I had a quick wander around and made a few other photo’s of buildings and angles that caught my eye.

For those interested, the film was Ilford Delta 100 in my Leica M6 with the 50mm Summicron. Processed in DDX 1:4 for 10.5 mins at 20°. I got slightly heavy negs, so next time will go with 10 mins.

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