35mm: Leica Goes to the Sea

Whilst taking a family member to hospital the other day, I had a good hour or so to fill, so I decided to have a wander. I have often been to Poole and written about it, but this time I thought I’d try a different patch. The Hunger Hill area is off the beaten walking track, but has recently undergone an “infrastructure improvement scheme”, so that was my plan. I popped a roll of Ilford Delta 100 into the Leica and set off.

The “Bottle Knot” sculpture is the subject of this post – it’s by artist Michael Condron. What looks like a massive “casting job” from a distance turns out to be hundreds of pieces constructed together as the detail will show. Rather like the fibres of a real rope. Inside this one however are LED’s that light up at night. That might be another photo to make!

It’s about 8 meters high and quite eye catching. I discovered there are other sculptures here that I’ve missed for years. So there will be more to follow. This area of Poole is dominated by the presence of the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). More of that in another post too.

2 thoughts on “35mm: Leica Goes to the Sea

    1. Hi Jim, Sorry for the delay in reply – busy week at work! Very kind of you to say – I do like delta 100, the scans shown had very little tweaking too! Isn’t it pleasing when things come together in film photography!! Hope you have a great weekend! Andy


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