End of my USA trip

San Francisco

I made my way to San Francisco, I’d been before on a previous trip by this point. I arrived lunchtime one day but my flight home was the following afternoon from LA. I decided that I’d book a flight from SF to LA, and just change planes for the international flight. I phoned and booked – so easy! I chilled that afternoon, had something to eat, stretched my legs, finished off the roll of film in each of the cameras (3). I was tired from the journey from Flagstaff to San Francisco, and knew the following two days would be tiring, so I had an early night.

Next morning I took the hotel transfer out to the airport. Chaos. I can’t remember the reason, but a lot of flights had been cancelled, including mine to LA. I HAD to be in LA in hours for my international flight to London, so the fun began! Eventually a very nice lady at the American Airways desk (according to my memory!) saw my distress and helped out. No flights to LA – BUT… I could fly from SF to Orange County, and then to LA from there. I booked it, not even knowing where Orange County was at the time! Plane leaving in 30 mins, so with a bit of a flap got on board and I was off! No problems, arrived at Orange County fine. Checked in for my onward flight to LAX, went to the gate, no one there, not a sole! Waited, 10 minutes before take off, still no one, 5 mins to go a lady opened the gate, another passenger strolled up, the door opened! To cut a long story short it was a little 16 (?) seater twin prop plane, 4 or 5 of us got on, our luggage was loaded on, into the gangway behind us. I sat up front looking over the pilots shoulder and off we went. I flew over the Queen Mary and the Spruce Goose hanger, then in minutes landed at LAX. Plenty of time to get my international flight! What a drama and relief!

My last pic of the trip! SF!

All the photo’s you’ve seen in this little series of posts have been from my little compact (Canon Zoom 60?) camera, on negative film. I also shot Kodachrome both in 35mm slides and Super 8 movie film. In the UK Kodachrome was sold “process paid”, something I don’t think was legal in the US? UK’s was sold with the little yellow envelope folded up inside, so you’d pop the film in, put your return address on the back, Kodak’s (Box 14, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7EH) address on the front and drop it in the post. About a week later you get the results – those were the days. I’ve written it so many times, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the old Kodak address or the yellow envelopes!

Yours truly – 30 something years ago!
Ready to go the the post office!

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