Nikon FE2

I’ve purchased another camera – yes I know, I don’t need yet another, but like most of my “keeper” cameras, this has a bit of a story to it. First of all it’s in beautiful condition. I would say as new. It was boxed with all the documents, has lived in it’s proper ERC (Every Ready Case) all it’s life, and that in turn was in a Nikon yellow aluminium box. I don’t think it’s been used outside – and there is a reason for that I suspect. It was paired with an equally nice 50mm f1.2, and the negotiated price for the pair was low but fair.

I will now digress, but if you keep reading all will become clear. My mother passed away from cancer, just over a decade ago now. In fact she bore it twice with such bravery, the third time, it took her from us. Breast, bowl, then bone. Maybe I’ll write a post about that one day but it’s not in the scope of this post. I mention this because she was cared for with great care, dignity and attention by one doctor especially. I’ll call him Dr C. This was his camera. With it he made slides for teaching, mainly of non-identified patients, lumps and bumps etc. These were in the bottom of the box when given to me, but I’ve since returned them. I often get asked by neighbours and friends if I’d like XY or Z as “I’m into photography”, and this was an extension of that. Although it’s Dr C who’s now done me a good turn, in my mind, it’s a small way for me to thank-you to him.

I’m not going to write up a list of spec’s of this camera, there are plenty of those online, mostly done by people better that I could. So what of the results?

I put in one of the out of date (2008) rolls of HP5 that I’d been given from another source, and snapped a few things that caught my eye. The film I developed in DDX 1+4 at 20° for 9 mins – this time the negs came out a tiny bit heavy, I had rated it at 200 for it’s age, it just didn’t need it!

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