Slop Bog

I am very lucky where I live, in that there are four or five nature reserves close buy. Slop Bog, is one of them. It is walking distance to get there, and although it is surrounded by road and housing (mostly) it can be a quiet oasis, certainly a “get away from it all” for an hour or two. I took my newly acquired Nikon FE2 with the 50mm, for a walk there to finish off the last few frames of a roll.

Much to my surprise Slop Bog has a very good and interesting web site of it’s own. One of the better websites I’ve visited in recent years – not full of adverts and junk, but well laid out and easy to navigate. It’s worth a look: Slop Bog Website.

If you are interested: the film was Ilford HP5 (expired back in 2008) processed in Ilford’s DDX developer, 9 mins at 20°.

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