Clyde and Niki Butcher

I’ve read a book! There is an exclamation mark because it’s not something that happens often. I read quite a lot, articles, on the web and so on, but not so much books. I came across the book above, in my usual manner. Sat down, to have a flick through, and hour and half later, finished reading it. I was moved, and motivated in equal measure.

I had not heard of Clyde Butcher before. His photography is superb. Physically he looks a little like Ansel Adams, it might be controversial to say, but I think his photography is on a par. Most of it was made with an 8×10 camera, although he used larger and smaller, even digital. He is most well known for his images of the Florida Everglades, and stunning they are too. Wading waist deep in a swap, where there could be alligators and snakes would freak me out, but it seems to have been his natural habitat too! I encourage you too seek his images out, he has a very good website well worth a visit – Clyde Butcher Fine Art Black and White Photography. I recommend the “About the Artist” page especially for the equipment minded! However, if you have even a passing interest in landscape photography don’t miss the “Photo’s” page!

I also mention his wife Niki in the title, as she has also been making hand coloured photographs for many decades and has a new book out next month – I may have to search that out too!

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