Arizona 1990’s Style


I’ve been scanning selected negs from my 1990’s trip, for some reason I’ve posted the Las Vegas part out of sequence, but no matter! I actually flew into L.A. – left the same day for San Diego, then took the overnight Greyhound to Phoenix. Sometime in the middle of the night passing through Yuma, and stopping for a comfort stop at a coffee/donut place. The scene was right out of “Nighthawks” by Hopper! It’s a memory that is still fresh in my memory 30 years later. Funny that such a thing should remain, a 10 minute stop in the middle of the night. I arrived in Flagstaff for a couple of nights.

Sedona Shopping

I took a day trip from Flagstaff, mainly down the Oak Creek Canyon, first stop was Sedona, sadly just a quick look, although I did discover it has the only McDonalds without the yellow M sign! Local lighting regulations and dark sky listing, forbid it, it was dark green instead. I have no idea whether that’s still the same 30 years later! Then it was off roughly following the course of the Oak Creek.

Next stop was Montezuma Castle National Monument, the cliff dwelling ruins of the Sinagua people which date back to the 12th century. The signs warning care about rattle snakes spooked me a little and stopped me from clambering here and there (where allowed of course!). Never did see one.

Final stop of the day was Jerome, a mining town up in the hills. Jerome State Historic Park, to give it it’s full title was a very interesting stop, and highlighted to me that I could easily re-tread this route but take 5 days rather than 1! Back in 1990 I didn’t drive, so a day trip was the only way to see things, not conducive to taking time to make photo’s is the downside!

My next day trip was going to be a visit to the Grand Canyon….

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