A few from San Diego

I’ve scanned a few more images from my early 90’s visit to the west coast of the USA. I have to say I do enjoy a photographic trip down memory lane! I’m very pleased with the way the negs have stored all these years, and the way the new scanner copes with them. This roll was Kodak Gold 100. On this trip I took three cameras with me, one had transparency film loaded, another with this colour neg, and a Super 8 movie camera.

I can remember that the super 8 was a Canon 514 XL, a camera that served me well for years and had a very good lens. What the two stills cameras were I can’t remember although I suspect the colour neg one was a simple Canon Zoom 60.

I made my way out to Balboa and to the San Diego Air & Space Museum. I must confess that the main reason for going there was to visit the Imax Theatre. I loved the “original” Imax set up, and the films shot on Imax for the format. That time I caught “Cronos” an early film directed by Ron Fricke who later went on the make the astounding “Baraka”. Anyway, I loved the Spanish buildings and I also went to the world famous zoo!

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