Visiting Vegas

A while back I wrote about my first visit to the West Coast of the USA in 1990. You can read about my San Francisco experience here, and my L.A. experience here. Although the Greyhound bus wasn’t working to schedule, the trip only confirmed that I wanted more! So the following year (according to my memory!) I set off again. This time to see some of the things I couldn’t get to see on that first adventure! In this post I’m going to share a few of my images of Las Vegas. Taken by 21 year old me!

Top is the Freemont Street Experience during the day – at night it transforms. I discovered that the light show in the roof is beyond amazing – I wonder if it still happens? What really amazed me was the sound, out in the main mall it’s all enveloping, step into one of the casino’s and you can’t here it!! I had my super 8 camera rolling in those days, and so enchanted with it was I, that I shot a whole roll of film pointing at the roof!! Can you imagine that at the cost of super 8 today!

Next night I timed being on the “Strip” for sundown, and got some images during magic hour. I was pleased with some at the time. Now I can control the contrast and colour of my own scans, all these years later. I’m even more pleased with them! The film was Kodak Gold 200.

What a start to a trip!

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