Wirral, Chickens and Beluga

The view from the lounge

My last holiday was near Liverpool (in case you missed the last multitude of posts!). I stayed in a holiday let on the Wirral. I was sceptical of it being a good spot for a holiday. As it turned out, it was one of the best I’ve had in the UK! I loved Liverpool. The let it’s self was not far from a main road, but far enough that no traffic was heard, and it felt like the country, but with easy access and close shops. The accommodation was perfect. Usually when I stay in such places, I day dream in the evening, over a glass of red, “if I owned this place I’d……” move that, knock that wall down, turn the kitchen around.. etc etc. This place was spot on, I’d just live in it and relax, and that’s just what I did for two weeks!

The view from the sofa!

This place came with it’s own party crowd – a flock of chicken’s! Every now and again they would parade in single file in front of the patio doors, then 10 minutes later back again. When it rained they would huddle under the tree, often facing it. I enjoyed their company and when I got back home, missed them! I was working on the Saturday, so chose to drive up on the Sunday, the first part of the journey heading north was terrible, delays, road works, an accident, it took hours to get north of Bristol. Once past Bristol the journey was easy. The next day (Monday) was a bank holiday, everything shut, as it was the funeral of the Queen. It was a chill day, watching the proceedings on TV, and the chickens outside.

The Beluga

Over the two weeks, I came to realise that most weekdays an Airbus Beluga flew right overhead, mid afternoon. Towards the end of the holiday I managed the snap above. A little surfing revealed that Hawarden Airport was only about 4 or 5 miles away – I’d never heard of it either. Apparently it is now home to most of the wing production for Airbus, and when complete, they are flown to Toulouse, France, in the Beluga. The airport has a long history and even if you have a passing interest it planes, there is a worthwhile read here. For a much better view of the “Beluga” the is an exceptionally good quality video here.

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