Tatton Park Lorry

Tatton Park is in Cheshire, just north of Knutsford, drive about 13 miles up the M56 would see you in the centre of Manchester. I arrived mid morning with a partly used FP4 in my Nikon F3, ready to go. Cars have to pay to enter the park but once inside, as a member of the National Trust, I could enter all of the separate attractions for free.

The estate is huge, so I started in the forecourt where everybody else does too! Parked off the one side was this huge Scammell Explorer. I think it is actually a huge generator for the Carousel there. I didn’t photograph that as it was all wrapped up and pretty un-attractive in such a state. The lorry however has the date of 1955 on the side, and that would be about the correct date for it’s production.

…and after a film change, in case you were wondering what colour it is!

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