Gardens at Tatton

Part of the walled kitchen garden

The “cultivated” gardens at Totton cover about 50 acres. Entrance is via the walled kitchen garden pictured above. By this point my black and white had run out and I’d loaded a roll of Kodak Color Plus 200 into my F3. I’m guessing that the heyday of this part of the garden was Edwardian times, as that’s the point they have chosen to “restore” it to. That extends to the choice of vegetables grown, which includes the wonderfully (but not politically correct) ‘Fat Lazy Blonde’ lettuce.

Once through the walled garden, it’s the Rose Garden and then on to the Tower Garden, the tower once a lookout for sheep thieves!

Part of the Rose Garden
The Tower Garden

A walk down the straight long avenue that almost cuts the garden area in half, brings us to the Choragic Monument, it’s a copy of the Temple of Lysicrates in Greece, and looks out over the wider landscape.

Choragic Monument

My favourite part by far was however the Japanese Garden. I love Japanese gardening! Unfortunately, it’s only possible to look into it, rather than wander through it. The view however was great! It’s in the form of a traditional tea garden and was in fact constructed by Japanese workmen apparently! It is considered to be one of the best in Europe.

Walking back towards the entrance, brings one back towards the house and the more formal gardens – but that’s another post!

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