Walker Art Gallery

So where am I with the camera?

I do enjoy a wander around an art gallery. I find it gives the visual side of my brain a work out! The “Walker” was no exception. My taste in art is pretty random. I like some modern art, the stuff that makes me think, not the famous pile of bricks type. I like a good painting, but nothing too realistic or it may as well be a photograph. I like a sculpture, but not particularly anything too classical. Of course I like photography!

The large image on the wall, above, is not a photograph. Such images always amaze me that a human is able to do that with a brush and paint! Even though I ask myself why not just make a photo self portrait? Below is another conundrum, my black and white photograph is pointless, it’s all about colour. A bunch of blank artists canvases, each, in one of those thin, cheap, carrier bags that thankfully we don’t see polluting the planet so much these days. Each carrier is a different colour. Don’t cross the line – are they dangerous? (Yes, to wildlife and the planet!)

The gallery also has a more traditional selection of art, pottery, sculpture and even a Hockney or two!

After all that brain exercise, there was time of only one last thing – the coffee shop! You can’t image the trouble I had getting the arm and the knife in the “right” place!

3 thoughts on “Walker Art Gallery

    1. Evening! That 5×4 outfit of yours looks good. I shot some 5×4 for a short time and decided it wasn’t for me. I’ve wondered since if I was too hasty! I managed to get that damn knife in the right place without falling off the balcony, in the other shot, the reflection is real, but it’s the back of the head with the long hair is painted on the mirror – blocking me out! – Cheers and all best wishes Andy

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      1. I guess time will tell if 4×5 is for me also. It’s a different beast, that’s for sure! I’m looking forward to shooting more of it though, despite the difficulties and learning curve, which is a good sign.

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