The Last of Liverpool

During my trip “up north”, I ended up using quite a bit of film in my Nikon F3. I also took along my Pentax ME Super, with the idea of running colour in that camera and B/W in the F3. Well that plan lasted for a couple of days, but soon faded! I enjoyed using the F3 so much, I just stuck with it! I made two separate day visits into Liverpool. The first became very wet by mid afternoon, this second visit was much kinder. The weather was great. The images in this post are all from the last roll of film I exposed in Liverpool. Perhaps it was the weather, perhaps the camera, maybe it was just me being very familiar with it, having used it quite a bit over the days. Either way, the results from this roll pleased me.

My general rule of thumb, is that if I get one image per roll, that I’m really happy with, then I’m satisfied. That’s not to say that the other exposures are bad – just there is something that could be better! This roll I got 8 that I liked!! Almost un-heard of for me!

The film is 20 year old expired Ilford FP4 movie stock. Developed in Ilford DDX developer. From what I can see the film is still performing perfectly!

… and I’ll save my favourite two shots for last…

2 thoughts on “The Last of Liverpool

    1. Hello Jim, It certainly is – I wonder how I’ve manged without one all this time! It’s a great camera for sure, and although it’s not lightweight, it seems to disappear in the hands! All best wishes to you – Andy


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