Merseyside Maritime Museum

You’ll be sorry to hear that I’m near the end of my Liverpool stash of photography! As you can tell by the number of posts I’ve made, I found a lot to interest me there, and therefore did a lot of photography! This penultimate post sees me at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The basement contains a “Smuggling” section while the top floor houses, the “International Slavery Museum”, the floors in-between offer a more traditional maritime selection.

I used my Nikon F3 with the 50mm f1.4 for most of the visit – often fully open. That’s never the best place to use any lens, but sometimes “needs must”. As it turned out I managed a few decent images. Above are a few relics from the debris field of the Titanic. The exhibit explained that nothing has ever been removed from the wreck it’s self, it’s effectively a grave!

I made the image above for memories sake – Sealink used to sail from my hometown of Weymouth across to the Channel Islands, and during the summer months to France. I often used to watch them come ang go.

The above three images are a bit like a distorted “three ages of man”. From the abhorrent acts of slavery, to killing each other during WW2, ending with Gender Neutral Toilets!

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