Around Liverpool

Queen Victoria Equestrian Statue, St Georges Hall, and St Johns Beacon Viewing Gallery

On my second day in the city of Liverpool, the sun was out! That was a welcome change from the first. To celebrate I loaded a roll of Kodak Color Plus, into the F3 and went for a wander. Having scanned this roll, I’m not going to claim that the “consumer” color plus, is a better film than Portra, but I think I might prefer it’s colour palette. The first item on my list of things to see was the Ken Dodd statue. It’s located inside Lime Street rail station and easy to find. For my non-British readers, Ken Dodd was an entertainer – he could sing, dance, act and then some. I saw him on stage twice, he was legendary, never had a supporting act, he would come on 7:30 7:45 ish, do about an hour and a half, then an interval. Then start the second half. It’s been reported that sometimes he’d go on for so long that the staff would go home, and leave the keys for him to lock up! I saw him in Bournemouth and he finished at 1 am. I had laughed so much mu sides hurt. I also had the pleasure of filming him once, and I can confirm he was just the same “off as on” – a wonderful man. Movingly he married his partner just 2 days before he died!

Ken Dodd in Lime Street Station with Bessie Braddock

Bessie Braddock holding the egg above, was also a Liverpool resident, and was famous for plain speaking, introducing the date stamp on eggs, and telling the mayor or Odessa (Russia) that after so many years of socialism, they hadn’t achieved much!

Me and Ken

Outside the station is the huge St George’s Hall at the top of the post, across from here is the County Sessions House, with the base of the Wellington Column in the foreground. Next to that, is the Walker Art Gallery, that I shall return to in another post!

Base of Wellington Column and County Sessions House
The Walker Art Gallery
Liverpool Street Scene – Reminded me of Elliot Erwitt when I saw it!
Q-Park – John Lewis, Liverpool

I wandered down towards the docks. Past a scene that reminded me of a famous Elliott Erwitt photo. The Q-Park, multi story car park of John Lewis store. On to Albert Dock where it was time for a coffee!

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