Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral

Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral, is the largest Catholic Cathedral in England. Because of the way I was walking around, I approached it from the rear! as per the image above. Walked around one side and went in. With me I had my Nikon F3, the 35mm f2 was on and a roll of Kodak Color Plus in.

Above is effectively the main entrance. I popped in, and what a warm welcome! The lady behind the desk was very cheery, helpful and nice. The layout is almost circular with good use made of the side niches for smaller chapels etc. Below is a selection.

The main layout

The stained glass is perhaps plain but at the same time very colourful and striking, beautiful.

Looking up into the central space, houses what I believe to be the largest area of stained glass in the world, I’m tempted to say it’s a pity that one can’t get closer, but then I’m not good at those sort of heights. Heading down to the crypt is a completely different prospect. It was designed to have a more traditional church built on top, St Pauls in London style. After the war, funds were short so this, presumably cheaper building was made instead. Good job too I say, I liked it very much.

Down in the crypt

This is the classic view as most people approach – for me it was my parting photo.

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