More from Ellesmere Port

My visit to the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port, was on a dull and damp day. When it wasn’t raining I was outside making photo’s of the boats and locks. When the rain swept in, I went inside. There are several buildings containing industrial heritage. There is a working forge (above), boiler rooms, stables and so on. So still plenty to see. Below is the outside of the boiler room, at the base of the chimney sit two huge boilers.

It seems I have a natural ability of getting into places that I shouldn’t strictly speaking be! I think it stems from my film-making days!! On leaving the boiler room I discovered the “Sorry closed to the public today” sign, and before that I was up a gantry inside to see how “deep” the boilers were. I have to confess I sort of knew I shouldn’t have been up there!! It was fascinating though!

There is an engine room next door, although that was definitely out of bounds! No worries – just across the way was a mini museum of what appeared to be working engines on display.

I’m drawn to “industrial” subjects. I don’t know why, I’m not into mechanics at all, but gears and cogs do make for good subjects.

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