Ness Botanic Gardens

Just a ten minute drive from where I was staying on holiday, was the Ness Botanic Gardens. It was a little late in the year to visit really, but that said there turned out to be plenty of autumn colour left to see.

I fancied a light day, so all I took with me was the Pentax ME Super with the 50mm lens attached and the roll of Kodak Color Plus, with a bout 30 shots left – that’s it!

Ness Botanic Gardens were founded in 1898 by Arthur Kilpin Bulley, and donated to The University of Liverpool in 1948 by Lois Bulley, his daughter. It’s still part of Liverpool University today, actively carrying out research. It turned out that not bringing my full kit was a mistake. By the time I got to the weather station, Mesocosm Facility, and adhesive free building – I’d run out of film! (I did make a return visit!)

The site overlooks the Dee Estuary towards North Wales, and is indeed very close to the Welsh border. There is a suitable view point!

Another Grand Day Out!

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