Liverpool Waterfront Pt2

Liverpool Museum

A short while back I wrote about the waterfront in Liverpool, and showed some photo’s of the “three graces”. This post continues where that left off. Above is the Museum of Liverpool. Just across from here is Graving Docks, part of the waterfront and there sits the RMS Lusitania Propeller, below.

RMS Lusitania Propeller

On the same pier there is the railway crane, no doubt used to un-load cargo ships, luckily seemed to fit the 35mm frame perfectly! Also the “interesting thing” above, I have no clue! Close by a rather un-interesting lump had been transformed by some stickers – a piece of art in itself, and just over a swing bridge, a statue to Billy Fury otherwise known as Ronald Wycherley, who was born in Liverpool.

Billy Fury (Ronald Wycherley)

Hidden in Albert Dock is Tate Liverpool, and on another side The Merseyside Maritime Museum, the top floor of which houses the “Slavery Museum” and the basement the “Border Force Museum”. Near the entrance what looks like a spiral fire escape from below but in fact is far too narrow and steep, it must be a “sack drop” from warehouse days or a chute to eject noisy children from the museum 🙂

Just across the way is the pump house, with it’s chimney that reminded me of a mosque minaret, and across from this the rather grand the Dock Traffic Office, complete with it’s modern art installation outside. All the images in this post were made on Ilford Delta 400, with the 35mm f2 Nikkor on the F3. The film was processed in the kitchen a couple of weeks later in Ilford DDX developer.

From here I left the docks and headed for the cathedral via Chinatown. The walk got quicker and quicker as the rain got harder and harder. I arrived at the cathedral, out of puff and damp! .. but that’s another story!

4 thoughts on “Liverpool Waterfront Pt2

  1. Nice work! The wide shot of the museum is brilliant. I love the way it looks, The people in the bottom of the photo really add perspective.
    Also how did I miss that chute on the side of the museum when I was there!? Fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mike, many thanks for your kind comments! Although I have to say I think your shot of it from the ferry is much better! It shows the sweet of the building. Your shot of the Great Western Depot is also better – part of it’s fallen off now!! Cheers Andy


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