North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Pickering Station Interior

North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a preserved steam railway running over the moors of Yorkshire. My visit to the railway was memorable. The car broke down just outside and I just made it to the car park! An executive decision was made that I’d have a day out on the railway, then call the AA from the car park at the end. A plan that in the end, worked out perfectly!

Above is a photo made in Pickering Station. End of the the 18 mile long restored line, in the south. A few steam trains go all the way to Whitby in the North, but on this day they were not. Still, the journey to Grosmont in the north was 14 miles or so. I believe the regular main line, joins at Grosmont, so a traveller can just hop platforms and get to Whitby if wanted, on the regular, non steam service but I was happy to stop and look around. The line these days, is most famous, as it appeared in the Harry Potter films.

75029 The Green Knight

Heading north, the line crosses the main road at Grosmont to get into the station. On the south side of the road, there is a work area, almost hidden. To get to it, one walks through a tunnel built for the original, horse drawn Whitby and Pickering railway, back in 1835, engineer being one George Stephenson. It’s interesting that despite the success of the steam pulled Stockton & Darlington Railway, 10 years or so earlier, he opted for a horse pulled railway! Anyway, here one can see engines waiting restoration, being worked on, there is a rare chance to see a coal tower, being used, and of course a shop!

From here a footpath leads about 2.5 to 3 miles to Goathland, at times actually on the old Stephenson route, the old bridge below, was from that 1830’s railway.

At Goathland I had time for a cup of tea and cake, then caught the train back to Pickering. 1944 steam engine working fine, 2006 petrol engine not so much. The AA, lifted me and the car to the nearest garage, and all was sorted!

Signal box at Goathland
44806 was built at Derby in 1944

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