Burnham-on-sea Colour

Burnham on sea – Pier Street Station

The spot above marks the place where Burnham on sea’s Pier Street Station once stood. The closest you can now get is about 2 miles away at Highbridge Station. This line closed to regular traffic in October 1951 although there was the odd excursion up till September 1962 – then it was gone. I guess the track stop, was where the regular track once ended. Directly opposite is a jetty (pier) where I believe the train could continue onto, to aid loading ships! Apparently it was once nearly 900ft long!

End of the line – sea wall in the background
Burnham’s Amusement Pier

Further along the promenade is the “entertainment pier” which dates from the first world war era. Less than a year before this visit, there was a fire, although damage was done, none was evident these few months later.

A tricky thing to paint!
The beach at Burnham

In the image above you can just make out the “lower lighthouse”, I walked out to it, made a few photo’s then had a fast walk back as the car park was running out!!

The camera was my Nikon F3, loaded with Kodak Color Plus 200 – from here I travelled north up the coast, to Weston-Super-Mare, via Brean Sands. I have a few photo’s to share from that too, but that’s for another post!

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