Brean, Somerset

Brean Down, Somerset

Brean is in Somerset, the name is derived from (modern) Welsh (“Bryn”) for hill, and there’s certainly one of those here! I stopped here on my way from Burnham-on-sea, north along the coast to Weston-super-mare. Brean divides the two towns. The huge down, juts out into the Bristol Channel, and while the beach from Burnham flows into the seven mile long Brean beach, known as the “sands” the down separates off Weston.

Brean Sands (Looking South)

The climb up onto the down involves a great many steps, but the view from the top is well worth the effort.

My car is just in the bottom left hand corner! Brent Knoll, middle background

From the car park, there is a short walk to the base of the hill then it’s straight up!

Steps up onto the down
Brean Sands looking back toward Burnham-on-sea

Looking back towards the mainland gives an idea of the layout.

Jutting out into the Bristol Channel (Weston Bay)

On this visit I was using my Nikon F3 with some color plus, and the 50mm f1.4. I was just intending to finish off the roll, but ended up starting another too! Looking north the view is of Weston-Super-Mare, next port of call but that’s another post!

Hazel in blossom
Looking towards Weston-Super-Mare

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