Rollei 35s

Another new to me camera, I just couldn’t resist! I brought it for only a few pounds, it has the case, but the zip has broken, still it protects the camera as a sleeve. The previous owner left a PX625 battery in it, that had corroded. I cleaned it up as best I could, but the meter has gone. The focus seemed fine and smooth and the shutter still seemed to fire ok, so I loaded in a partly used FP4 I needed to finish off and gave it a go.

Ready for action!

The viewfinder is good and clear and it is nice to have control over the focus and aperture in something so compact. I suspect that most of you will know that this has a collapsible lens and shutter mechanism, to help make it smaller. The shutter must be “cocked” when collapsing, or damage may result.


There is something of a jewel like quality to it’s built and it’s quite solid. It’s amazing really that a 35mm film cassette fit’s inside. However the main word I would use in description would be fiddly. For me it’s too small, yes it’s a good camera, but I did find it a fiddle to use.

If I’m honest – if the meter was working I’d probably sell it on, with it out of action, it’s value is negligible, so I’ll hang on to it for the occasional use when the mood takes me and I just fancy something different – or very small!

4 thoughts on “Rollei 35s

  1. I’ve always liked the look of these Rollei 35s, and have seen good results from the camera. But I’ve been scared off by the “fiddly” nature (well that, and the price they can command.) I’m finding my ideal in very compact 35mm cameras is the Olympus XA series. I own the XA2 and an XA is currently on its way to me. Though the XAs are all electronic cameras whereas the Rollei isn’t, so that’s something in Rollei’s favor…

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    1. Hi, I have to say the negs are nice and sharp, and having a play with it, empty, it’s growing on me! I’ve had a surf about and from what I can gather it’s quite common for the meter not to be working, I can use a separate meter anyway no problem. I’ve also seen the prices on Eprey, – frightening! Cheers and all best wishes – Andy

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      1. Ironically enough, yesterday when I was at my camera repair place they had a refurbished Rollei 35s for sale so I had a quick look at it. Definitely cool, and heftier than I thought. But I’m okay with my XA2 for now.

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