River Allen in Wimborne

Hanham Road crosses over the River Allen, Wimborne, Dorset

I popped a roll of Fuji C200 in to my Olympus XA2, as I was going into Wimborne. I didn’t really intend to make any photo’s, but from experience, if I hadn’t have taken a camera with me, something amazing would be happening. Having taken the precaution, nothing amazing did happen, but it was a lovely day and I had enough spare time to walk “between the two bridges” along the River Allen. The water that you see above, just about to flow under the bridge here, has just 1.25 km left before it joins the River Stour, one of Dorset’s main rivers – if not “the” main river!

Jubilee Window

Walking up-stream a covered walkway houses small shops to the left and opens to the river on the right. So by moving about three feet, I could take the photo above from one side of the walkway, and the photo below to my right.

A footbridge over the Allen

Walking away from the town, residential areas take over quickly, some having land that runs right down to the river.

The end of the short walk finds me at the amusingly named Knobcrook Bridge. The XA2 performed well, and I’m starting to get good results from it, now that I’ve got accustomed to it.

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