Re-evaluating HP5

Ilford’s HP5

I’ve been out and about with my Pentax Spotmatic more recently. At the start of the year I said that I’d try and use a different camera each month, well that’s gone out of the window, but I am making the effort to use the cameras in my stable as the opportunity presents it’s self. I think before too long I’m going to have to reduce the number a little, I am all said and done, a camera user, not a collector! That said the Spotmatic is a keeper – it’s so smooth to use, and the results it produces are good. To quote a recently read Pentax brochure…. “it’s not that it’s just sharp, it has strong quality”.

This time out I thought I’d load up a roll of HP5, people seem to get good results from it, and sing it’s praises, for many it seems to be a film of choice. I’m not one for faster films by choice, I don’t like grain for the sake of it, and last time I used HP5 I wasn’t that keen. Time to try again and re-evaluate. I found myself at the local garden centre.

I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously it’s more grainy than FP4, but it’s not as bad as I remembered. I took a few shots that included some areas of sky and those I am not so keen on. Apart from that, I enjoyed using it. I developed the roll in Ilfosol 1+9 at 20° for 6.5 mins.

Once again Ilford does the job – I’ve just brought another 3 rolls, watch this space!

6 thoughts on “Re-evaluating HP5

    1. Well… by very strange coincidence I ordered a bottle of DDX last week, mainly as I have a stash of Delta to use so I thought I’d see if I could see any difference with it! I’ll have to try a roll of HP5 too!! Cheers and best wishes Andy

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    1. Hi Peggy, Thank you very much! Loved your review of the Zenith 122 BTW – took me right back to my first SLR the Zenith 11. I’m going to steal your idea of writing what film is in the camera on some tape and sticking it to the back door too!! All the best – Andy


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