Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

Another day out with the Nikon F3, this time loaded with some Kodak Color Plus, dated Nov 19, but compared to some film I’ve used – that’s fresh as a daisey! The Tor is a natural hill that towers just over 500 feet (158m) over the surrounding Summerland Meadows, part of the Somerset Levels. It was formed as the softer surrounding land was eroded away, the actual mechanism of which, is apparently still un-known today.

Summerland Meadows from the Tor

Standing atop is the tower, remaining from St Michaels Church. An earlier wooden church was destroyed by earthquake in 1275, this tower is from the 14th century church, built of local sandstone by the Abbot, Adam of Sodbury. From it, on a clear day, it’s possible to see for miles!

A view back toward Glastonbury
The tower remaining from St Michaels

It’s a long walk up, easier on the way down, so I made photo’s as I descended. All of the images were made with the 50mm f1.4

May Blossom

The little lane that takes the walker back to the road was bursting with May Blossom. I couldn’t resist using up the last frame!

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