From the Past

About a month ago we had a patch of beautiful weather, so on my day off, I made the very short trip to the village of Tolpuddle, famous for it’s martyr’s who set the foundation for the modern day trade unions. I’ll write more about them in a future post.

On this day I had my Nikon F3 with a roll of bulk loaded FP4, yellow filter on. Steps away from where I parked, an old red phone box. I always photograph them when I see them, they are getting a rare sight on the street. Like many these days it didn’t contain a phone, but information. So well done, and restored.

Parked right in front and old Austin Healy “Frogeye” in Red – Red car, red phone box in the background and I’m shooting black and white!

Opposite, an old Rover, apparently it’s a P5 described as an “Executive Car” – designed by David Bache, and has under the bonnet (hood) a V8 3.5 litre engine. I wonder how much that costs a mile, to run these days? More than a day out with an F3 I bet! Lovely cars!

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