Frome on a Wet Day

Frome on a wet day

Sometime in the middle of my recent week in Somerset, the rain set in, so I made a trip to the town of Frome for some retail therapy. It seemed like the thing to do on a wet day. Of course I took the camera of choice with me – the trusty Nikon F3.

Brollies Out!
The digital photographer in action – wonder if she ever uses the viewfinder?
A genuine plastic sheep
I feel this needs a small flowerbed at it’s foot

I shot Kodak colour plus, which is a “budget” film from Kodak, with a 200 asa speed. With the photo below, I knew as I took it, the colour would intrude and that I’d convert it to black and white –

The rain never stopped while I was in Frome, I had two hours parking, which I used up exactly, 30 mins making photo’s – 90 mins in “Raves from the Grave”, leaving with just over £80 worth of vinyl. By the time I got back to the holiday let, the rain had stopped, an hour later the sun was out!

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