Blog: Top 3 last year

…at least 1 new image!

I don’t really look at the figures of this blog very much. I suspect they are tiny compared to some. I look at it as my way of being able to share my photography, if anyone else enjoys it, then great, I’m pleased. One thing I do enjoy is seeing what countries people have viewed from. I delighted to say there are many! I also enjoy the comments and hearing from you – thank you all for taking the time to read.

Last week I happened to be clicking about, and discovered the three most popular posts I made last year, two of them I can understand – they were “on trend” I think is the term. Not something that happens with me very often! The one that came in third place was more of a mystery!

So, just in case you fancy a ready, in reverse order…

3rd “From the Past”

2nd “Kodak Gold in 120”

1st “Exeter Cathedral on XP2”

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