Out and About with the Trip 35

Olympus Trip 35

A few posts back I wrote about my Mini Olympus Collection – such as it is. I’ve since put a roll roll through the Mju II, this time it’s the turn of the original Trip 35. I thought I’d have a go at dating mine, the most accurate way is to remove (un-clip) the pressure plate and see it’s code. Mine reads NIX. The N would tell Olympus which plant assembled the camera. I can’t seem to find this info. “1” is the code for the year, the trip was made between 1967 and 1984, according to most, although not all sources (e.g. Ken Rockwell), this means mine could be 1971 or 1981. The final clue is that earlier models had a silver shutter release, later models had a black, changed sometime in the mid 70’s – I therefore assume mine is 1981.

Avenue of Trees

I’ve owned a couple of these cameras before and have only ever got mixed results at best from them. This one, I’m pleased to say seems to be performing better for me. That, or I’ve suddenly become better at judging distance, which seems less likely! I’m amazed at the prices they seem to achieve these days. Admittedly serviced, and with the black leatherette changed to a trendy colour, the “Film Camera Store” online, seem to sell them for £229, and that’s reduced from £249! Good luck to them I say, I hope I get that if I sell mine on!! In fairness, they do offer the good old plain black at £199.

Things are looking up!

Close Focus

The lens in this trip is a 40mm f2.8, and has 4 elements in 3 groups, (Zukio D) and can be focussed down to 3 feet, 1 meter. There are four zones 1, 1.5, 3 meters and infinity. The actual distance measurements are hidden under the lens, whilst the focus positions visible from the top, are single person, 1.5 people, 3 people and a mountain!

The Pond

All of these pictures were made on a sunny day walk at Avon Valley Country Park, close to me, only a 10 minute drive. One thing I did notice is that while I used quite a bit of out-of-date film, especially colour, this one especially seemed to have excessive added grain. The camera however is fine, no light leaks, sharp focus, light meter working – as Ken Rockwell says: it might be my only working camera after a nuclear attack – it’s a keeper!

Tulips in the garden #1
Tulips in the garden #2

2 thoughts on “Out and About with the Trip 35

    1. Hello – I enjoyed the simplicity of the trip, and it has to be said the lightness while out for a walk. I used up a roll of very out-dated film to test focus, light leaks etc, but it was very grainy, and I’ve made the scans a bit dark! This example has inspired me enough to put a fresh roll through next! All best wishes, Andy.

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